Some forgotten lunar shots from a poor session. The seeing was highly variable that night, but it never exceeded a 6-7/10 value. However, some interesting features were imaged, using the 355mm Newtonian and ASI 174MM with a Red filter.

Mare Crisium and surroundings, including crater Messier at far right:

crisium wide.jpg

A closer look at Crisium, and its rimae:


Crater Cleomedes and its many rilles crossing the floor:


Atlas and Hercule; notice the double ringed crater on lower right:


Crater Gassendi and surroundings, under almost vertical illumination:


Craters Kepler (left) and Aristarchus (Right) dominating the view, again at almost Full-Moon phase:


Mare Nectaris with Theophilus on its shores:


Mare Orientale on the limb. Notice the distinct peak towards the right.

orientale basin 1.jpg

A closer look at the peak:



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