Since it will be raining the night when the Full Moon occurs, I’ve decided to get a fast image of the Harvest Moon one day before, from an agricultural field (quite appropriate for this Moon). The low altitude of the Moon and some smoke from a nearby fire made the view quite interesting…

Equipment: 200mm Newton, ASI 174MM, Red filter. Mosaic of 15 frames, resized to about 70% from original.


6 Replies to “Harvest Moon – September 23, 2018”

    1. Thank you Majed! The scope is a 200mm diameter Newtonian with a focal length of 1000mm. A 2.7x Barlow was used in front of the ASI174MM camera. All was placed on an EQ6 equatorial mount.

  1. Thank you sir .. I found this one

    Skywatcher bkp2001eq5 dual focuser
    Diameter – 200mm
    Focal lenght – 1000mm
    Power – 400x

    What’s your advice?!

  2. Can you say approximately where this was taken? I’ve been looking to get an image to print of the moon on 23rd September 2018, please let me know, thanks.

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