A couple of hours with the morning sky and some nice objects and gathering were observable.

For now, the conjunction of the Beehive with Selene (M 44 star cluster and the Moon, of course).

TS 65Q APO refractor, ASI 1600MM, no filters. 32×1 sec exposure. Different processing for stars and Moon.


Comet 21P Giacobini Zinner, 32 x 25sec frames using the TS 65Q APO and ASI 1600MM camera. No tracking.


And now an interesting observation of a feature illuminated beyond the lunar terminator. In this case it is the western wall of Flamsteed T. Nice bright spot (at longer exposures) looking a bit off-place.


The last of the visited objects from this morning: the Doble-cluster in Perseus.

TS 65Q APO F/6.5, ASI 1600MM, LRGB image (L=80x25s, RGB 30x30sec each). Suburban conditions, some high altitude clouds. Some pinched optics effects detectable due to my recent cleaning and remounting of the rear lens…




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