I’ve decided to place most of my images of the Red Planet onto a single canvas. It just might happen that the image from August 25 might be my last of this opposition, so a retrospective of the opposition was in place. The great dust storm that had a global effect on Mars, changed a lot some albedo features, and this is apparent in the first and last shots of the sequence, with Solis Lacus changing the appearance dramatically.

I’ve selected only the infrared images, since the RGB sequences were too different and poor in quality. Despite the low altitude of the planet, the July 28 session was trully memorable, with excellent seeing higher in the sky, and good for 20 degrees; thus a lot of details are detectable in the July 28 image, including the Valles Marineris canyon.

For the 2020 opposition, Mars will much better positioned in the sky for my location, so I must wait for a couple more years if I want some high resolution on the Red Planet…

Mars opposition2018.jpg

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