A total lunar eclipse – July 27, 2018

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What a lovely event! This was definitely the darkest lunar eclipse I’ve ever observed. Hanging just above Mars, both rather low towards the south-eastern horizon.

Despite the chaotic weather, I’ve managed eventually to get to a location that allowed me to experience the entire event.

Equipment: Close ups: TS 65Q F/6.5 APO refractor, Canon 550D, ISO 400. Wider views: Canon 550D with Canon 100mm lens. Widest view: same camera but with a Sigma 50mm lens. All on the EQ 6 mount.

50MM A.jpg

100MM A.jpg


hdr after 3rd contact b.jpg

hdr after 3rd contact.jpg


MoonEclispe with stars July 27 2018 small.jpg


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