Some moth observing – June 7, 2018

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While observing moths last night using a couple of mixed light bulbs, I’ve also dedicated a bit of time photographing some species.

First, despite not being moths, couple of damselflies:

Agrionid 1.jpg

Agrionid 2.jpg

An old individual of Cossus cossus:

cossus cossus.jpg

Cydalima perspectalis, an invasive species in Europe:

Cydalima perspectalis 1.jpg

Cydalima perspectalis 2.jpg

A female Odonestis pruni:

Odonestis pruni.jpg

Phragmatobia fuliginosa:

phragmatobia fuliginosa.jpg

Thyatira batis:

thyatira batis 2.jpg

thyatira batis.jpg

Zeuzera pyrina:

zeuzera pyrina.jpg


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