High Resolution lunar images – May 22, 2018

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Another lunar session with good to very good seeing conditions. Again, the main scope was the 355mm homemade Newtonian, with a 3x barlow lens in one configuration, and with another 2x barlow attached to the first one, in the second configuration. The cameras used: ASI 174MM and 1600MM, both with a red filter. Seeing: 6-8/10.

The results:

Craters Maurolycus and Stofler:


Another crater tat I’ve waited for a long time to image: Boussingault.


The complex-looking floor of crater Ptolemaeus is always a nice view at the eyepiece:


Crater Langrenus under high Sun:


One large image showing some of the central and southern craters or other details. This was imaged under decreasing seeing values, with only a rather low number of frames acquired for each section. The sensor was the ASI 1600MM camera with a red filter. The image might take a few seconds to open.

large area.jpg

Craters Albategnius (up) and Hipparchus, with a hint of Ptolemaues to the upper right corner. This is one of my best lunar shots to date, in terms of actual resolution at the surface: smallest craters are in the 500-550 meters range. The very good position of these craters nearly at the center of the lunar disc helps a lot with the detection of small craters 😉


The sharp-edged crater Werner near the terminator:


The lovely double crater Messier, with its butterfly-like ray system, under high Sun illumination:


Proclus, with its razor-sharp edges, at the “entrance” of Mare Crisium:


Lacus Mortis with the well defined crater Burg. Note the many rilles on the floor of this giant crater:


And a large four-frame mosaic around Rima Ariadaeus. Many interesting features here, and a nice blueprint for the old lava activity in this and other lunar regions:


Almost forgot about this image, showing a large region of the Moon around crater Janssen:


And the poorest quality image of the session, but showing a very nice terminator view with Moretus in the shadows:


A reprocessed strip:

May 22 2018 strip.jpg

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