The Needle Galaxy – April 21, 2018

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This is the result from a wonderful session deep inside the woods around Targoviste, Romania. A few roars from different animals, a few insects around the laptop, and the flight of a few bats were all contributing to the atmosphere…Nature at its best.

The following shot (please zoom in) shows the interesting edge-on galaxy that it is best known as “the Needle galaxy”, located in Coma Berenices. More interesting is the immense number of far-away galaxies present in the field: most of the small diffuse points of light in the image are actually galaxies not stars.

This was also the first true test of my homemade cooling for the ASI 1600MM camera. From the normal 14-15 degrees Celsius (wit 12 degrees ambient air temperature) the sensor temperature was lowered at about 6 degrees; it allowed for so much less noise to be present in the subs. I may get eventually a more efficient cooling system, but for now it is good enough.

Needle galaxy.jpg

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