Despite being at the minimum, our star offers some elusive moments of activity from time to time…at least in the light of Hydrogen…

Only one active region, AR 2704.

115mm F/7 APO Refractor, ASI 174MM, Quark H -alpha filter.

PROMS c.jpg




Also, before the H-alpha solar session, I had the immense…lack of luck with an ISS solar transit: the clouds formed about 20 minutes before the event, and covered the Sun for about 15 minutes centered on the transit’s time. 10 minutes later the sky was again crystal clear…:(. I was prepared together with my wife for this event, and despite the thick clouds, we’ve shot in the dark a few frames. Back home we’ve noticed that despite the absurd setting, we did get the shadow of the ISS in some frames. These are our best one…”Better luck next time” I say.

iss transit 14 aprilie.jpg

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