ISS solar transit -April 10, 2018

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Today I had the pleasure of acquiring some ISS transit shots on a perfect weather and in a very nice location, somewhere in the woods around Targoviste, together with my wife.

We’ve mounted our gear and waited for the ultra-fast shape of the ISS to pass over the almost blank Sun. Only a very small sunspot was detectable, and this only in the few very good seeing moments.

The two setups were:

WIFE (full disc shot): Mak 127mm and Canon 550D on a Star Adventurer mount, HUSBAND (detailed view): APO 115mm F/7, Herschel solar wedge, 2.5x Powermate, ASI 174MM. My shots are mirrored due to the Herschel prism.

This is also the first time I’ve made an ISS stack image, from about 35 frames showing the ISS on the solar surface. The details are pretty good.


ISS solar Transit April 10.jpg


And one ISS pass from a night before the transit, imaged with my wife’s 127mm Maksutov telescope, the ASI 174MM camera with a Red filter, and hand-guided via an 50mm finderscope at 9x. Poor seeing most of the time, with a few good moments towards the highest point of the pass.


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