First solar H-alpha for 2018

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My first shots in H-alpha with the Sun for 2018. Not the best day for solar imaging, with our star at only 20 degrees above the horizon, and some very poor seeing.

Despite this, two rather large proms were easily visible on the limb.


And the scope used for the above images:


2 Replies to “First solar H-alpha for 2018”

    1. Sincer nu vad pana acum probleme cu contrastul, altele in afara de cele date de conditiile atmosferice. La aceasta sesiune am avut ceva nori peste disc si turbulenta mare, de aici deja contrastul scade simtitor. Altfel, lumina solara este atat de puternica fata de cea ambientala (nu mai zic de H-alpha) incat un tub deschis nu are nici cea mai mica influenta pentru a lasa lumina parazita. Multi amatori folosesc instrumente deschise pentru a se termaliza optica si raci la interior mai eficient. Dar tu vezi vreo problema de contrast ? Eu nu vad.

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