High Resolution Lunar images -January 25, 2018

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Some good to great seeing allowed me to acquire a few HR lunar shots on January 25. Despite the initially poor seeing, and -12 degrees Celsius, the air currents flat-lined 🙂 and I was able to glimpse some very fine details in some o the better known lunar regions.

Setup: 355mm F/4.5 homemade Newton (SkyWatcher optics), APM Coma Barlow 2.7x, Baader 2.25x barlow, Baader Red filter, ASI 174MM. Seeing: 6-7/10 to (briefly) 8/10.

Clavius and Moretus, in darkness…


A well known trio of craters:


The Straight Wall with Rima Birt. Note the very small perpendicular rille on Rupes Recta:


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