The Winter Rose/Rosette Nebula – December 30, 2017

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This is definitely one of the most beautiful nebulae in the sky, and its shape and location near the Orion constellation surely assures its informal name of “the Winter Rose”.

For now this is “work in progress” since I’ve acquired only 21 frames for the following shot. More will be added in the following days and eventually a nice (I hope) image will result.

So, for now: 21 frames of 300 secs each, acquired with the TS APO 65Q Refractor (F/6.5), and ASI 1600MM camera (gain 150, bin2x2) in H-alpha light (7nm). Guiding with PHD2 and a 200mm lens with ASI 174MM. These frames were acquired near Runcu Stone in Dambovita, at -6 degrees Celsius.

The black-n-white version:


And an end-of-the-year colored version (with color from an old DSLR shot):


And a bit more play, trying to combine data from three sources: the recent h-alpha image (done with 65mm APO and ASI 1600MM), the 2016 full-spectrum image acquired with the 115mm APO and ASI 1600MM, and the 2015 image from the 65mm APO and a Canon DSLR. Not much care for star-processing, but the results points to an interesting conclusion: more frames from the 115mm scope are required!

The colored version:


And the B-W image:


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