California Nebula – December 23, 2017

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The following shot is a “double-first” for me: it is my first H-alpha deep sky image of a nebula, and also the first time I image this object.

The tricky part for this two hours session was to learn again how to guide using the PHD software using this specific setup (a 65mm APO refractor and ASI 1600MM camera).

Of course some issues were noticed (excluding here the -6 degrees Celsius and some fog): my laptop batteries just couldn’t supply the power for too long (they are getting rather old), so the entire session was cut short. Another issue, this time with the Firecapture software (control of ASI camera) made me lose 5 or 6 frames. This is why only 12 frames were acquired. I think at least 30-40 frames are required with my setup for this object.

Next time…

And the image, Black/White:


And a colorized version, using my own “artistic feeling”:


This object resembles a little the “Nexus ribbon” from one of the Star Trek movies 🙂

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