A few test images using a rather cheap macro setup. The goal was to test a new technique (new for me) in which a large mosaic showing a subject can be made from multi-frame stacking. The setup: Canon 550D, macro tubes, SMC Pentax M 1:2.8 28mm used as an inverted lens, and a Nissin MF18 Macro ring flash. Individual areas are stacks of 10-15 frames, and each mosaic is a made up from 8 to 12 images. Stacking software: Zerene Stacker. Mosaics were assembled with Microsoft ICE. All images were resized to about 30-40% from originals.

The head and antennae of a male Polyphylla fullo. Length of the individual approx 28mm.


The head of Carabus gigas. Length of the individual: approx 54mm.


A species of “Jewel beetle” (Fam. Buprestidae). Length approx 14mm.


And the hindwing of a small butterfly (Fam. Lycaenidae). Wingspan of the individual approx 35mm.


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