Goodbye “entertainers” – September 8, 2017

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Both sunspot groups AR 2673 and AR 2674 are preparing for departure from the solar disk. They have entertained us for 10 days now, with their large spots and flare activity, some of very high intensity. The next 2 or 3 days should still be interesting, with both regions at the solar limb; magnetic loops and small flare will be nicely placed.

Setup: 115mm F/7 refractor, Quark H alpha filter, ASI 174MM. Seeing 5/10.



AR 2673 is preparing for departure in this shot. As it goes towards the limb its shape is distorted like the hot air distorts far away objects during the summer days. This shot was acquired in poor seeing with the 8 inch Newtonian and full aperture filter.

ar 2673 06 16 ut color.jpg

ar 2673 06 16 ut.jpg

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