High Resolution lunar images – November 19, 2016

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Being motivated by the previous lunar imaging session (with good to excellent seeing conditions) I’ve decided to force my luck and get to my imaging location yet another morning. This time I had my brother-in-law to “confirm” the seeing conditions at the eyepiece.

Same apparent conditions (fog, cold) but this time the excellent seeing conditions were present for only a few tens of seconds. Mostly, the value never exceeded 6/10. Yet, those very few 8-9/10 moments were enough to capture some of my very best lunar images to date, with details of 500 meters or less discernible in most shots.

For now, Lacus Mortis in excellent conditions:


Rimae Ariadaeus in variable seeing conditions (6-8/10). Still, some craters of 550-600 meters are discernible:


Crater Fracastorius and the nearby giant dome:


Shadow evolution in 24 hours in the Theophilus-Cyrilus area:

Theophilus and Cyrillus Nov 2016.jpg

And a 3D RedBlue image of Theophilus created from the Nov 19 image and another one from September 3, 2015!

This must be viewed using Red-Blue glasses…


For those not having such glasses, a animation from the two images:


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