Remembering crater Clavius in excellent seeing conditions

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I’ve found some “old” stuff from December last year: 7000 frames with Clavius acquired under some of the best seeing conditions I’ve ever witnessed. I had to reprocess this sequence to see if any more details could be uncovered. To be honest, no new details were found in the shot, but the new processing shows the smaller details a touch better.

The sequence was acquired on December 21, 2015, using the homemade 355mm Newtonian at F/25 with the ASI 120MM-S camera and a Baader Red filter under close to perfect seeing conditions that lasted around 15 minutes. The original processing, together with the area of Moretus and the South Pole can be found here.

The new processing:


And a small animation showing the actual seeing conditions, created from the best 82 frames; no post-processing performed on these frames. The animations takes some time to load.


As an exercise, one may download this animation, import it in VirtualDub software (or something similar) extract the frames, align them in Autostakkert!2 and then process the final image in AstraImage for example. It is a good exercise for lunar image processing. The number of frames in the animation are enough for a good final image.

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