Some good seeing today for these images.

AR 2596 (up in the images) looks very interesting with a whirlpool of plasma around it. AR 2593 has a plasma mountain next to it. Both promise a good show as they get closer to the solar limb.

Equipment: 150mm F/8 SkyWatcher achromat, UV/IR cut filter, Quark chromosphere, ASI 174MM. Best 700 out of 4000 frames. Seeing: 6/10.

ar2596 sept 23.jpg

And a slightly better shot of the same area, but a few moments later:

ar2596 sept 23HDR.jpg

And a small active area with a nice filament:


Three different processing of the same filament from the above image:


And one last shot, showing the limb with some spicules and a prominence:


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