Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – September 16, 2016

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Seeing quite a few lunar eclipses along the years, I thought that this eclipse will not be a memorable one, especially being a penumbral eclipse. I was quite wrong, and from the moment I’ve noticed that the penumbra was well visible with the naked eye, I’ve mounted my gear in order to get a few shots of it.

The image below shows the maximum of the eclipse:


The difference between what the camera acquired and what I could see with the naked eye was quite big. This is why I’ve also made a comparison image of the two views.


The RGB data was a bit saturated in order to get the different hues of the lunar soil. Equipment: 90mm F/12 Maksutov, 0.5x reducer, RGB filters, ASI 174MM camera.

Another shot, also RGB, showing a more detailed view of the Moon, 10 minutes after maximum. This time the camera was directly in the focal plane of the small scope.


And a full eclipse shot with the camera at the focal plane of the 90mm Maksutov. This is a five-panel mosaic:


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