Just looked into some of the lunar data from this year and found a few images that were left behind…

So I’ve decided to give them a second chance.

First shot shows the Moon of February 15, 2016. The scope used for the image was the 115mm APO refractor and the ASI174MM. Color was added using RGB sequences made with the same equipment and filters.


The second and third shots were acquired on March 18, 2016, using the 355mm Newtonian under poor seeing conditions. The color data added onto the Copernicus image was extracted from this mosaic.



Copernicus in colors:


And crater Schickard acquired on March 20, 2016, again under poorer seeing conditions with the 355mm Newtonian:


3 Replies to “Forgotten lunar shots”

  1. Imi plac foarte mult cadrele cu luna, nu ma refer la alea de detaliu ci la alea din faza patrar. Atat de mult incat am descarcat cu nerusinare ca sa-mi pun fundal de monitor. Multumesc!

      1. La cadrul pe care l-am folosit scrie “Maximilian Teodorescu” pe verticala, la fel de discret. Cine ar vrea sa foloseasca fotografia cu nesimtire, ar putea decupa cadrul incat s anu mai apara numele autorului. Ar trebui pusa inscriptionarea chiar in cadru, cu o transparenta mare incat sa nu deranjeze dar, la o adica sa se vada de unde e luata si sa fie migalos de sters daca nesimtirea e prea mare incat sa indice sursa …

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