ISS / Moon transit during daytime – April 13, 2016

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On April 13, after a long solar imaging session (see the previous post) I had to drive fast to a location 40 miles away from my usual observing place. The reason for this re-location was a transit of the ISS over the Moon, during daytime. Despite the bad seeing conditions and the cirrus clouds rolling in, I still got a series of frames showing the ISS passing close to the trio of crater Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina (lower right corner in the images).

The setup for this transit: 115mm F/5 TS APO Refractor, 3x Barlow lens, ASI 174MM camera with no filters.

First, a composed image made from overlaying eleven shots in PS, and also a bit more contrast:

iss and moon.jpg

One frame of the series, with very little processing (some noise removal), showing the lack of contrast in a daytime shot:

16 02 26 TL.jpg

And of course, the animation. Notice that some frames are missing (at the beginning of the pass) due to technical problems with the laptop (it actually shut down only 10 seconds after finishing the acquisition for this event!).

anim tranzit.gif

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