Jupiter with the Great Red Spot – April 4, 2016

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It’s been some time since I had some good seeing while imaging Jupiter. On the night of April 4/5 I had some good seeing moments that allowed me to image the giant planet together with its Great Red Spot.

The equipment: 355mm F/5 Newtonian at F/30 (approximately), ASI 120MM-S camera with Baader RGB filters. All processing done with Autostakkert!2, AstraImage Pro, Winjupos. Post editing (titles, frames) done in PS CS2.

First, an animation made from RGB sequences spanning on 20 minutes:


Next, a nice-orientated view:


And the “right” orientated view, with a bit more processing:


The individual channels show different details in the Jovian atmosphere, including the very dark appearance of the GRS in the blue channel (it is actually rather interesting that for this apparition the GRS has a deep orange color compared to previous years):


UPDATE (April 9):

Finished processing the ASI 164MM data from the same night, acquired a bit earlier than the ASI 120MM-S data.



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