Comet 252P/LINEAR – March 31, 2016

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There is a new comet visible in the morning sky. It’s name is 252P (LINEAR). For now, the light of the Last Quarter Moon is interfering with the visibility of this object, but in the next few mornings the view will improve significantly as the Moon decreases and the comet gets higher.

I’ve got a chance at imaging this comet after a long imaging session with the planet Jupiter. This green fuzzy was easy to spot on the raw frames, but for now it is impossible to see it with the naked eye, and it may remain that way since the comet is receding from us.

The following shot is a stack of 31 frames, each a 30 second exposure at ISO 400 with the Canon 550D and a Canon 100mm lens mounted on the EQ-6. The Last Quarter Moon was close-by, and hence the strange background (I had to use PS for a lot of background correction).


The comet is rather easy to find for now, being placed near two planets: Mars and Saturn.

The following mosaic shows just how interesting the morning skies are:


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