Messier craters – December 28, 2015

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Last night I had the great pleasure to acquire lunar images under very good seeing conditions. It will be some time before I can process all of the data (only 100 Gb) but I must post one of the results now.

The subject of the following images is the double crater Messier, one of the best known small impact craters on the Moon, at least by amateurs.

The image was acquired using the 355mm F/5 homemade Newtonian (SkyWatcher optics) at approx. F/30, a Baader 2.25x Barlow lens, and the ASI 120MM-S camera with a red filter. The result is a stack of 1000 frames out of the 8000 acquired under 7-9/10 seeing conditions (variable due to fog).

The original-sized version:


And a larger version (130% of the original) with a slightly different processing:


Note the many rilles in the upper part of the image, and some domes at the bottom. Also, some interesting details might be glimpsed inside the two Messier craters.

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