The Earth illuminated Moon – December 13, 2015

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On a superbly transparent Sunday sky I got another chance to image our natural satellite under a two-way illumination: from the Sun and from the Earth. Last year I’ve experienced a similar sunset, but in much worse seeing. This time the atmospheric conditions were far better.

Of course, the light reflected by the Earth comes also from the Sun, and it is during these close configurations (the Moon being rather close to the Sun, apparently) that the light reflected by our planet has the greatest “impact” (read “intensity”) on the lunar surface.

The images were acquired with a TS 115mm F/7 APO Refractor, TS field-flattener and Canon EOS 550D at ISO 100 and 200 in RAW mode, with exposures ranging from 30 seconds to 1/30s. A total of 100 frames were combined using Registax and Photoshop. Very hard to select one final processing result, so I’m “forced” to post here three versions, each with it’s own advantages/disadvantages.

First, a “free Full HD wallpaper” in grayscale:

HDR Moon Dec2015Wall.jpg

Now, the version with a blue background; this is closest to the actual conditions during the acquisition. It also shows very well the background stars:

HDR Moon Dec2015BlueSky.jpg

And a darker background, similar with the view a few tens of minutes after I’ve acquired the shots:

HDR Moon Dec2015BlackSky.jpg

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