High resolution lunar images – November 6th, 2015

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A short imaging session with the Moon. On this date the seeing conditions were very poor at first, which almost made me pack the gear and go back home. But, gradually the seeing conditions improved a bit, and by the end of the session they reached an almost perfect  value. Too bad the Sun got up and I had to get back home for some sleep…

The best result from this morning, using the 14 inch scope at F/20 and the ASI 120MM-S camera with a Red filter:

The Vallis Schroteri region with many smaller rilles around the region. Note the terraces inside Aristarchus, and parts of the inner rille of Vallis Schroteri:


Next, Gassendi with its complex rille system and Mare Humorum nearby:


A wide view of Sinus Iridum and the lunar limb with crater Pythagoras:


Sinus Iridum is a very large crater (240 km wide) but its missing half the rim; to better grasp the actual form of the feature I’ve transformed the perspective from the above image in an aerial one, with an almost perpendicular view towards the lunar surface. Note that the left part of the rim is almost straight.


And the last image, which was actually acquired at the beginning of the session in horrible seeing conditions: a small lunar mosaic.


2 Replies to “High resolution lunar images – November 6th, 2015”

    1. Multumesc Cristi! Imaginile sunt din punct de vedere optic la limita de difractie. Poti compara cu orice alt amator pe internet care detine un 355 si ai sa vezi ca sunt la acelasi nivel. Asta numai datorita seeing-ului de care am parte din august pana in octombrie, la locatia actuala de observatii. Prelucrarea insa e altceva, si dupa multi ani de invatat reusesc sa combin si o procesare buna cu imaginile foarte bune. Ceea ce este foarte greu. Nu ai imagini initiale bune (achizitie) atunci nu poti nici sa produci o imagine buna la final doar prin procesare…Din pacate vin lunile de iarna, cu seeing in general mediocru..

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