Inside the Orion Nebula – November 14, 2015

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During the imaging session of November 14, I’ve spent some time imaging the core of the Orion Nebula M42. This was just as a test for a future dedicated imaging session, perhaps in a month or so.

During this session, I’ve “only” acquired 1600 frames with both a Red filter and an UV/IR-cut filter using the 14-inch scope at F/5 and the ASI 120MM-S camera with 1 second exposures. The seeing conditions were good, but the fog and the low altitude of the nebula almost destroyed the result.

The colors in the image come from an older image, with a bit more processing and a different color balance.


At a second look, I saw that some proplyds (proto-planetary discs) were well visible in the image.

The grayscale version shows some of the identified objects:


Can’t wait for a cold crystal-clear night up in the mountains to resume this winter project…

I shall acquire an RGB sequence this time also…

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