A gathering of planets – November 4th, 2015

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For almost a month now I’ve been acquiring lots of lunar images with different scopes and in very different seeing conditions. From the 400 Gb of data I’ve only succeeded in processing about a quarter, so for now I won’t post any of the high or low resolution lunar images.

Instead I’ll post three shots from the most recent of those lunar sessions, presenting a not-so-often-seen gathering of three planets: Venus, Jupiter and Mars. The Moon was present in the vicinity, but was definitely not the leading actor this time. The show was (and still is) dedicated to those who wake up very early in the morning, the entire scene happening above the south-eastern horizon.

The two shots below were acquired using a Canon 550D camera with the kit lens (18-55mm, at 18mm) placed onto a very small tripod. The exposures are of 20 and 25 seconds respectively, at ISO 800.

The first one also shows the Moon. Venus and Jupiter are seen at lower left, with Venus being the brighter of the two. Mars is the little “star” just to the upper-left of Venus.


Some time later, the sky began its night-to-day transition, and the morning colors were starting to be apparent through some low fog; a very nice autumn view, despite the minus 5 degrees Celsius.


And since I was there for imaging the Moon in high resolution, I had to take a pic of my imaging “partner”, the 14 inch scope.


I must admit that it looks a bit strange for a telescope, but the main mirror housing really looks like a “light-bucket” 🙂


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