High Resolution lunar images – October 4, 2015

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Another lunar imaging session from October.

This time the seeing conditions were not as good as the ones from October 5th (previous post) with only a few very good seeing moments; mostly the value was around 7/10.

The equipment was as for the previously related HR lunar images the 14inch Newtonian with the ASI 120MM-S camera.

First subjects: a trio of craters named Archimedes, Aristillus and Autolycus not too far away from Hadley Rille.ArchimedesAristillusAutolycusMaximilian2015

A close-up view of Copernicus in high-Sun illumination:

CopernicusMaximilian2015Two infrequently imaged craters, despite their large size, Hipparchus and Albategnius:


Another pair of craters, two of my favorites, Aristoteles and Eudoxus under very low-Sun illumination. Too bad the seeing conditions were declining at the moment these images were acquired. Still, a lot of small details and long shadows are observable near the two craters.


And a bit of luck, close to the end of the imaging session, crater Plato under very good seeing conditions with a lot of small 500-600 meter craters on the floor:.


And an enhanced version of the above, compared with the view from LRO, to identify some of the smaller craters:

Plato14inchLROCThe true end of the imaging session came from Venus, high in the eastern morning sky. The image through the red filter revealed, rather surprisingly, some details in the atmosphere:

Venus Oct4, 2015

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