High Resolution / High Dynamic Range image of craters Aristoteles and Eudoxus

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In the previous post I’ve presented my very first HR/HDR lunar image, showing the Triesneker area.

In the following I’ll present my second such image, depicting the region of the craters Aristoteles and Eudoxus, two of the most striking lunar features while near the terminator.

As before, the first image is both a HR/HDR image and a color one, with colors added from an earlier result.

The image:


And the black-and-white version, which emphasis perhaps better the subtle details at the day/night threshold.


As for the previously posted HR/HDR image (Triesneker) I had quite some luck to have the libration favorable enough to be able to overlay the two images almost perfectly. A bit of image-processing was still required to some slight angle and size differences between the two shots, but it was nothing that Photoshop couldn’t handle.

Below, the two “rectified” initial images on the sides, and the HDR result in the middle.


I won’t get into the scientific details that can be extracted from this images, since I’m not qualified to do this, but perhaps I will be able to include here a few words from someone that really is an expert in lunar geology.

Stay tuned for that, and for new posts with the October results…

5 Replies to “High Resolution / High Dynamic Range image of craters Aristoteles and Eudoxus”

  1. Hi. That the most beautiful, and probably the best lunar image I have seen until now. Not only from you, but in general. And I specially like the color version.

    Can you appreciate the scale per pixel?

    1. Thank you Dragos! I had some excellent seeing during the acquisition of the frames for these views. I can approximate the scale, but better I shall give you an answer with the correct value this evening, after I look at the original frames and perform some calculations.

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