Sunspot 2418 – September 19, 2015

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The Summer has arrived to an end…

But today, the 29 degrees Celsius, the no-clouds beautiful blue skies, and the large number of butterflies made me feel otherwise…

Together with my brother-in-law, I’ve went to my usual solar-imaging site, 6 miles south of home.

The equipment was the 14inch Newtonian, so I had (once again) hopes for a good image to match the large diameter of such a mirror. Not a chance…the seeing was again rather poor, with only a very few brief moments of 6/10 seeing conditions.

The following image shows sunspot AR2418, a solitary crosser of the solar disk.

Technical details : 355mm F/5 homemade Newtonian (SkyWatcher optics), 2.25x Baader Hyperion barlow, ASI120MM-S camera with Red filter, and Baader full-aperture solar filter at the front. Seeing: 3-6/10.

Notice the solar granulation and small details in between the granules, as also some small white-beads around the penumbra of 2418.

Sunspot 2418 Sept 19 MaximilianAnd the colored version.

Sunspot 2418 Sept 19 Maximilian color

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