Mud Volcanoes Art – April 2015

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On April 12 this year I had the pleasure of making my second visit to the Mud Volcanoes, in Romania.

Since they were in a high activity period, I’ve shot a few hundred photographs with very short exposure times in order to catch the small details of the mud droplets coming out of some of the volcanoes. Their continuous activity created some very interesting shapes (at least for fractions of a second), so I’ve decided that the following shots should be processed and named in an artistic way. I’m not very good with artistic nomenclature or art altogether, but hopefully the images and their associated titles will bring some smiles to the readers deciding to look at this post.

First, a panoramic view of the region:

pano vulcani

And now, a view (color-processed) depicting perhaps an alien planet:

The Sun from Mars:


The activity of the volcanoes is driven by the gas emerging from way down below, and it was this gas that I’ve wanted to catch in the images. The following shot is one of the very few in which the gas is well visible atop the mud bubble.

The gas flower:


Complex structure:


Undefined shape:


Alien hedgehog:


Alien shape:


The Mud Turtle:




The Phoenix:


The Monster:


Alien spacecraft:


The beginning:


Alien helmet:


The face behind the helmet:


Mud lava:


The tree of life:


The Sea Monster:


The Citadel of the future:


OK… maybe naming artistic images is not for me, but still, the complex and strange shapes the mud can form into are a joy to look at.

8 Replies to “Mud Volcanoes Art – April 2015”

  1. Super faine eruptiile de noroi, iar numele sunt inspirate…cea mai potrivita fiind ultima si nu m-as mira daca generatia de artisti “new age” s-ar inspira din imaginile astea šŸ™‚

  2. Am vazut vulcanii noroiosi dar nu in felul acesta. Felicitari pentru idee! Formele sunt cu adevarat stranii si poate din cauza asta au nume “extraterestre”!

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