Jupiter – March 21, 2015

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Another session with Jupiter. This time I had the pleasure to observe the giant planet of our Solar System together with my brother-in-law. We both enjoyed views at 450x with stable moments when the Earth’s atmosphere allowed us to catch a few glimpses of the Jovian clouds.

I’m still very much annoyed with the rather low sensitivity of the DMK camera, for which, at the amplification employed, the gain has to be set to a very high value. This means that the noise is also quite high.

Jupiter March 21, 2015The rare moments of good seeing did not allow for a de-rotation procedure in WinJupos, so the above and below images are LRGB sequences only. Still, some interesting details are visible, besides Io and it’s shadow (and some details on the satellite itself). There is an interesting reddish spot near the South Pole (up in the images), marked with lines. Also, a rather large spot (named White Spot Z -WSZ) is visible and marked as well in the images below.

Two series of LRGB were selected.

Jupiter March 21, 2015 2006ut

Jupiter March 21, 2015 2134utFrom these two series, a small map in cylindrical projection was done, using the WinJupos software:


Still waiting for those superb seeing conditions…


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