At last!

After four tryouts with the newly modified 355mm Newtonian, all failures due to clouds or bad seeing, I’ve finally got a brief chance to test the optics and mechanics of my main planetary scope.

Together with my friend Claudiu we had some very good moments at the eyepiece (at 450x) looking at the largest planet of our Solar System. Despite those moments being rather short, the views from this night will remain imprinted in our memories…at least until the next good seeing imaging session.

Jupiter March13, 2015At first I thought that the resulting image will be my very best in terms of resolution in the planet’s atmosphere, but due to large instabilities each few minutes, the resulting RGB images are not that close to the capabilities of this telescope.

Also, using the not-so-sensitive DMK camera with a high amplification factor due to the lack of an adequate Barlow lens, meant that each color channel image sequence had only around 850 frames and a lot of noise. I truly miss my ASI120MM camera. Hope to send it back for repairs soon…

JUPITER and GRSAnd a small animation showing just how fast the seeing was degrading in only 30 minutes…


Next time I will have the scope finished and hopefully better seeing conditions.


3 Replies to “Jupiter – March 13, 2015”

  1. Holy mother of.. Jupiter.. if this is not your very best (on this subject) , wich one is? for I have not seen that one 😮 Amazing shots, and indeed, hard to forget. I can easily say it was my best astro-obs-experience so far

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