The following image is for those who stop by on this blog and take a look around…

Mary Christmas!

HDR moon small

The above High Dynamic Range image of the Moon was accomplished on the evening of December 24, just a day ago. 

It’s the result of 20×7 frames acquired with different exposures and ISO settings. The setup included the 4.5″ APO Refractor and Canon 550D in the focal plane.


8 Replies to “A Moon for Christmas”

  1. Great image, Max! Glad you got an early Christmas present with clear skies.I am impressed with the quality of the little refractor’s image!
    Hope you have a great holidays.
    Chuck Wood

    1. Thank you Chuck! Yes, it was one of the best presents for this year (second only to a 500 million years trilobite that my wife bought for me:) ). The quality of the refractor is good only when the sky is good also, and this time the skies were great.
      Great holidays to you also!

    1. Thank you Virgil! Hope I’ll get some good images next year. It surely is a year that I look forward to in terms of high-resolution lunar and planetary images, as my 14″ Newtonian is almost completed. Happy New Year!

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