Goodbye AR2108 and AR2109 – July 13, 2014

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This is, for sure now, my last view of the large sunspot groups AR2108 and AR2109 for a while. I say “for a while” because some of the larger sunspot groups can survive for a few solar rotations, so it could be possible that in a few weeks time we will see this pair again. But until that moment comes, some last pictures of these “cooler regions”, in poor to very poor seeing conditions, part due to the very hot day (34+ Celsius). This time I’ve went to my observing location together with my brother in law, Mihai, who helped me with the collimation of my C11, using two interesting methods for daylight collimation (method one, method two).

The images below were all made using the C11 at F/10 and F/20 with full-aperture AstroSolar filter, and ASI120MM with Baader Green-CCD filter, in 2-3/10 seeing conditions. Of course, due to poor seeing, the scope was a bit off from perfect collimation (seen from the images below), but in those conditions I think our first test of daylight collimation of an SCT was a success.

The first image, depicting AR2108 and AR2109 on and near the limb:

Goodbye July 13

The image above was featured on the first page of SpaceWeather.

Same subjects, but at lower magnification:

Departing sunspots 1

And two other sunspot groups…



and AR2116:


Hope the Sun will come up with another set of large sunspot groups soon!


(July 13, 2014)

3 Replies to “Goodbye AR2108 and AR2109 – July 13, 2014”

  1. Max,

    … together again on the Spaceweather website today … lovely sunspots, especially the one on the limb. Best regards, Stets

    1. Hi John! Thank you for the kind words! Yes indeed we are again on the SpaceWeather website, sorry I didn’t notice that earlier. Your Moon shot is indeed well timed and framed! Hope to continue this “collaboration” in the future 🙂 Best wishes, Max

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